Sinister Tombs Haunted House in Eastview, Kentucky  
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KY Haunted House in Eastview, Kentucky KY: Sinister Tombs donates its profits to local charities. The Sinister Tombs Haunted House Old school haunted house with over 50 actors, wood trails cover bridges and a house you will never forget. This house entertains and scares with both skits and chainsaws. This is a MUST visit Haunted House in Kentucky!!Voted the scariest haunted house in Kentucky 2011 by visitors to hauntworld.com. Hauntworld advised Sinister Tombs Haunted House was their most viewed in 2014,15, and 2016.

Website: www.sinistertombs.com
Sinister Tombs Haunted House
3246 Meeting Creek Road
Eastview, Kentucky, 42732

Contact Phone : 270-862-3323
Email : marvinskaggs@yahoo.com

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KY Haunted House HIGHLIGHTS: Old school haunted house with over 50 actors, wood trails cover bridges and a house you will never forget. This house entertains and scares with both skits and chainsaws. You have to experiense to understand why we have such a following.


KY Haunted House SPECIAL EVENTS: A fantastic 2 K run through woods and corn feilds back to your car, winners are able to tell their stories, loser's work forever more! - Adults $15.00 children 12 and under $12.00.


September 15,16, 22,23 ,29 30 October6,7,13,14,20,21,27,28 November 3, and 4 - Starting at dark, or eight o'clock, the last ticket sold at 1 minute till midnight est. on our clock. We want you to come see us and enjoy the show, no weapons or alcohol allowed on Haunted House property, leave them in your car, please.

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Better every year, see why rated top Kentucky haunted house.
I took a group down to Sinister Tombs Friday night and was amazed, this year they added so many new things. The acting was the best yet, the doctors were great, one was spanking the other, the one being spanked was shouting( it's not that kind of show) we were laughing so hard we cried, the outside was super scary with fog everywhere, and your walking through corn and it touches you its so close, they have a swamp that is the best thing I had ever seen until the tunnel. you just got to go.
Posted 10/09/2017
I love going here. The inside of the house is entertaining and the woods is even better. 10 out of 10, definitely recommend!!
Posted 10/05/2017
Love that can be kid friendly
Posted 09/30/2017
the best
This is the best haunted house ever!!! Never go anywhere else!!!
Posted 09/25/2017
Love love love
Its the best haunted house ever!!
Posted 08/02/2017
I loooove it!!!
Posted 07/23/2017
Was their last week
We took a walk through last week with the owner before coming to Transworld, he was super and the show was fantastic. Advised him we would bring group to his haunt when were not open in November. They work for charity and I met one of the groups they give to while I was their a dog search group, this place is great!!!!!! Go Lord Sinister.
Posted 03/25/2017
Super Show
I will go back several times in 2017 if their open, was the best ever and very cheap.
Posted 01/06/2017
Went back through four times
I have been to a lot of haunted house, usually 8 or 9 a year, I went through this haunt 4 times because every night they change the show in someway. For the most part it is the same, but they add, change and move things all the time. The owner that I talked to said be time he closes the show it is usually the way he wants it, then he changes the things for the next year. I have never been to a haunt this good, and they give their profits to charity. Can not wait see what they put together next year,
Posted 11/08/2016
great show
We decided to go for a drive from Louisville and find a new haunted house this year. Down in Hardin County Kentucky we found this one. Really enjoyed everything about it. Check it out for yourself.
Posted 10/21/2016

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